“Humans are obsessed with predicting the future – and we are absolutely horrible at it.”
–  Troy Powell, PhD

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we had a crystal ball to look into the future and know what we need to do to be successful? Well, it’s not magic, but customer experience leaders do have some pretty cool tools to do some “fortune telling.”

What is predictive analytics?

The foundation of predictive analytics has been around since the late 2000s in the form of data mining. Now, Artificial Intelligence (AI), machine learning, and prescriptive analytics have taken over. At the root of it, all these topics are focused on the same thing: How do we make use of our abundance of data to understand either the future or what we don’t currently know about customers?

In CX, predictive analytics is the process of using data to help utilize current and historical information to estimate a probability that customers will either behave in a certain way or that they will hold a specific opinion about your company.

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Personalization: Designing and Delivering a Holistic Experience, Tailored for Each Customer

It’s been said that the best gifts are those made especially for you. This bit of wisdom is excellent advice for today’s leaders of experience management. Customers are tired of being treated as one of a mass of consumers, and companies that treat all their customers the same are losing out to the those who have developed methods to make experiences more personal.

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Digital Interactions: Achieving the ideal human/digital balance for serving your customers

The most basic objective of any digital strategy is to create digital interactions that adjust and adapt to customer needs and intent in real time – they serve up the right content to the right customers at the right time on the right device to ensure they can effortlessly and effectively achieve their objectives.

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Effective communication can elevate your CX program

It’s not just talk. Good communication is essential to executing a successful customer experience (CX) program. In fact, a comprehensive communications plan, developed well before your first survey is ever deployed, can propel your CX program from “just OK” to a level that enables you to motivate change, accelerate action, and achieve desired results.

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Seize Opportunities To Deliver Value With Your CX Program

The job of a customer experience (CX) professional can be described as mastering the art of “sensing” and “seizing.” The sensing part of the equation is the gathering of information to gain a deeper understanding of the customer. Among other things, sensing reveals customers’ concerns, their needs, and where opportunities and risks lie within the customer relationship.

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