Explore the Value of CX Expertise-Building

You’ve likely heard the saying, “It takes a village.” When considering what’s needed to execute an effective customer experience (CX) program, a similar sentiment applies – “It takes a company.” The best CX programs are those that fully engage people and functions across the enterprise. That’s where building company-wide expertise plays a vital role.

In simplest terms, expertise-building is training and coaching people across the organization on how to use CX data in their functional areas to take action that positively impacts customer experience. To accelerate customer-focused strategies, today’s CX leaders are interested in building expertise related to data interpretation and action planning. Ultimately, what this means is empowering people with the training necessary to look at CX data through their functional lenses and consistently ask the question, “How can I use what we know about our customers to make changes that will improve the experience?”

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