PX: Designing a Better Patient Experience

From life’s most intimate and pivotal moments to the tasks that make up an everyday to-do list, the spectrum of patient experience is wide, varied, and unique to every person. This is just one of the factors that makes designing a better experience for patients challenging—and yet so vitally important. In every interaction and through every touchpoint in the patient’s journey, trust is either built or eroded.

It’s trust—and the empathy supporting it—that leads to patients who are healthier, providers who feel fulfilled in their work, and healthcare organizations that deliver reliable, safe, and connected care to their communities.

The consequences for not building that trust are dire: More than one-third of patients will skip or avoid care based on how they were treated by their healthcare provider or staff.

At its very core, patient experience is about ensuring that people feel seen, heard, understood, and cared for. In this report, you’ll learn how to build trust by designing patient experiences that are more holistic, responsive, and focused on the needs of patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

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