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PX: Designing a Better Patient Experience

PX: Designing A Better Patient Experience

From life’s most intimate and pivotal moments to the tasks that make up an everyday to-do list, the spectrum of patient experience is wide, varied, and unique to every person. This is just one of the factors that makes designing a better experience for patients challenging—and yet so vitally important. In every interaction and through every touchpoint in the patient’s journey, trust is either built or eroded.

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A weekly resource for CX and XM leaders

The CX Leader Podcast with host Steve Walker provides weekly insights for business leaders to improve results by unlocking the potential of their customer experience. More than a discussion of CX topics, the podcast focuses on ways CX professionals can develop the right skills and ideas to be effective leaders in their organizations.

Concerts, Conventions, and CX
Concerts, Conventions, and CX
Released: March 14, 2023

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Reports and Position Papers

PX: Designing a Better Patient Experience cover

PX: Designing a Better Patient Experience

Building trust by designing patient experiences that are more focused on the needs of patients, family members, and healthcare providers.

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CX Now: Eight Themes Driving CX Evolution cover

CX Now: Eight Themes Driving CX Evolution

The CX Now series takes a close look at essential themes currently driving CX evolution.

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Next-Level CX for B2B Companies cover

Next-Level CX for B2B Companies

A report focused on helping business-to-business companies rise to the next level of CX excellence.

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Case Studies

Standardizing a Massive CX Program

With 100 brands supporting structures ranging from schools to arenas, Johnson Controls turned to Walker to standardize the CX program on the Qualtrics platform for consistency, accountability, and business impact.

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Optimizing CX Programs

Delivering exceptional mobility experiences to customers and clients worldwide, Altair Global looked to Walker to help develop systems that efficiently review updates on every relocation project, quickly close the loop on customer issues, and uncover patterns that prompt improvements.

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